Frequently Asked Questions

There are no dumb questions! We hold a standard of honesty and transparency. Is there something we missed? Drop us a line. Our heart is to help Mamas and families; lets talk! There is always a solution.

+ Why would I want a natural birth?

More than likely if you have found yourself here you have already made the decision that a natural birth is for you. A woman's body is not a lemon, they were designed to birth their children. Very few women actually need assisted medical intervention. We believe birth is a normal physiological process and not a medical procedure. Unmedicated and natural births have been proven to be the safest for both mama and baby in most cases. You can do this! Read our birth stories and become inspired by how birth should be.

+ What can I expect during the course?

You can expect to be encouraged, to be informed and to have fun! Our course is interactive with lots of group discussions. Many visual aides including: pelvic model with baby, diagrams, pictures, birth videos, and labor tools. There will be times of lecture, but will have many breakout sessions of hands-on learning. Rachel understands how uncomfortable it can be sitting for 2.5 hours while 8 months pregnant. Bladders are being kicked, and the mind can only absorb what the butt can endure! We will have a breaks half way through each class. It is an intimate setting that allows for deep discussion and questions. And most importantly, we have fun. Yes, birth is a momentous occasion to be respected and taken seriously, but we believe learning shouldn't be boring or dull. We all need to laugh along the journey and share our latest cravings. Expect to develop a community/village of people that are in the same season of life. We celebrate our victories, dismiss fears and encourage one another. Plus, many students become first play-dates with their little ones.

The course material covered is listed here. The heart beat of the course is copping with labor and delivery. We weigh benefits, risks, alternatives, and the options of doing nothing while listening to your mama intuition. If you have any specific questions about what will be covered in the course don't hesitate to contact us.

+ How is this course different than other childbirth courses (including what my hospital offers)?

WARNING: THIS IS NOT YOUR HOSPITAL CLASS! (insert chuckle) While I'm sure some hospitals offer quality classes they are not always geared toward a natural birth and just prepare you for what 'could' happen and what hospital protocol is. Now, with that being said taking a hospital tour and fully understanding hospital protocol and what choices you have with your care provider is valuable. However, almost no hospital class will be this comprehensive and give you the best opportunity to have the birth you wish.

There are many childbirth courses available. We offer evidence based and proven information and material. We believe every woman has the right to birth her baby the way she desires and to make informed decisions for the best possible outcome for both mama and baby. We don't judge or condemn if interventions are used. As a wise doula and mother put it, "You deal with the birth you are given," Deb Lawrence, Informed Beginnings President. Community is important and walking through the course with other mamas and partners is invaluable. While books and internet resources are good, they can't provide what face time with others can. Reference the above question, "What can I expect during the course," for more information.

+ What other classes or services are held in The Loft?

The Loft is an exciting group of professionals that specialize in prenatal and postnatal support for growing families. The Loft website has a full listing of all of the classes and services offered. It's located above the cutest baby boutique, A Baby Naturally, and offers pilates, yoga, breastfeeding classes, support groups, massage, fertility options and baby wearing. We are honored to be a part of this community and encourage you to explore everything The Loft has to offer!

+ What if my husband or birth partner is not on board?

That is what our "Daddy Guarantee" is for! I promise you won't be disappointed. It's common for partners to have a fear of the unknown and a little hesitant to be on board with mamas. That's exactly what this course is designed for; overcoming fears around birth, educating to make informed decisions, and having a blast! (no boring and stuffy lectures.) And if partners decide to stop attending that doesn't mean mamas can't still participate and gain the knowledge she needs to birth her baby the way she wishes. Dan will be sharing and relating to dads throughout the course; by the end many have a change of heart. If after a couple of classes you aren't 100% satisfied with the course we are happy to refund you.

+ Why is the course 10 weeks long?

At fist glance this seems like a long time, but trust us it will go by so fast. By the end of the series most couples wish it were longer. We all become good friends walking together on the same journey. Ten weeks or 25 hours has proven to be the right amount of time to convey all of the comprehensive course material. There is a lot of info we want you pass along. And spacing it out allows mamas and birth partners to soak in all the info and apply what they have learned week to week.

+ What is your mailing address?

Please email Rachel for our mailing/shipping address. While we teach courses out of the Loft in Wheaton, Rachel's home address is where we legally conduct bussiness. Since this is a private residence we disclose this information only upon request.

+ We cannot find the classroom.

Classes are held in The Loft in downtown Wheaton on the southeast corner of Hale & Willow, south of the railroad tracks. The classroom is directly above A Baby Naturally. The entrance in on the east side of the building. You will see a sign and through the door there will be stairs to the right of you. Please make your way upstairs and through the unit door. You can't miss us!

+ Where do I park?

Wheaton has 4 hour metered parking on Willow right in front of the building until 6pm Monday - Saturday. There will be limited parking in the small lot east of the building. And lastly, the Willow Public Parking Deck is two blocks east with FREE parking.

+ What do I need to bring to class?

Wear comfortable clothes. There will be times when we are on the floor practicing exercises or birthing positions. The Loft does their best to provide a clean floor for, but experiences lots traffic including children to contend with. If you wish to bring a blanket to lay on, no offense will be taken. Please bring note-taking materials (notebook, pens, iPad, etc.), a pillow and a reusable water bottle. Purified and filtered water will be available. It is a smoke-free and pet-free environment.

+ Is this course only for first-time mamas?

No! Although, many of our students are first-time mamas, we welcome all mamas. Some enroll to achieve a better informed birth experience the second time around, a few are trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and want to be educated, and other mamas want a refresher course.

+ Can I submit a birth story?

Absolutely! One of our goals is to normalize birth. We see too many over dramatized birth scenes in movies and not enough positive, encouraging and empowering stories. Each birth story is precious and unique. We want to create a village of people supporting mamas by telling their story. Drop us a line or email Rachel as to how to submit stories.

+ How does the Life Time Membership work?

As Fruit of the Womb students we offer a Life Time Membership to our courses. Once you have completed your first course you are eligible to attend any future classes for FREE. Come enroll again for a refresher and share your experience with others; join the village!

+ What if my heart desires this course, but the day, time, location or my pocketbook doesn't agree with me?

I wish we could be everywhere at every time, but haven't mastered those magical powers yet. If you and a couple of mamas you know would like a different day or you are willing to host a course in your home we are open to that possibility. Rachel is a busy mom, but has a heart for helping mamas have better births. Let's talk! There is always a solution. With a baby on the way there are always added expenses. We believe this to be the best investment you can make for yourself and baby. However, we know everyone has a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Again, reach out to us so we can help you find a solution.

+ What if I am past 30 weeks gestation?

That's okay! Some knowledge is better than none. We will work with you and get the resources and information you need for your quickly approaching day-of-birth! Ideally, this course is timely for mamas in their second trimester. We are happy to have mamas at every point of their pregnancy; and for a few ambitious, preconception mamas are also welcome.

+ Can I bring my other children with me to class?

No. We do not provide childcare. While we are family-friendly and love kids this is not the place for them. They can be very distracting to other students and we want to be respectful of their learning environment.

+ Do you have a refund policy?

We are so confident in our life-changing course that we want you to be 100% satisfied. If after the first class it's not your cup of herbal tea we will refund your money (this always makes Dads relieved). We also respect that things happen! If you change your mind or an unforeseen circumstance happens and you will not be able to take our course series please contact Rachel for a full refund. Our courses fill up and would like to make your spot available to another expectant mama.

+ I prefer not to pay online. Can I enroll and use another method of payment?

Sure. Our online payment methods are very secure, but if you still have reservations we will take cash or check on the first day of class. You will need to contact us to reserve your seat.

+ I'm a doula who would like to enroll for certification requirements.

Yay, we love doulas! Please enroll with our discounted Doula and Birth Worker Course Registration link.