Rachel + Dan

Rachel will be your childbirth guide that will help you navigate the waters of natural childbirth to achieve an empowering birth experience in today's medical model of care. Rachel's hubby, Dan, will make guest appearances to share his side of the birth experience and give dads a few tips that are sure to make you laugh and set future dads at ease. They like to have fun!

We'll back up and introduce you to their small family. Rachel was born and raised in a rural farming community in Iowa and moved to the big city (Chicago) as soon as she got the chance. She studied commercial photography and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Columbia College. Dan was the fifth generation born on his family's farm in central Illinois. These two small-town kids found each other in the big city while attending college. They now call Chicago home.  Rachel's father and grandfather were both physicians who had delivered hundreds of babies and cared for countless families. Needless to say health and wellness and a gift of learning was in Rachel's blood. When Dan and Rachel found out they were expecting their fist baby in 2013, they naturally dove into wellness books regarding childbirth and pregnancy. Birth to her was a natural physiological process. However, now in Chicago, they faced a very different maternity care model. Never did they expect to be that crazy, crunchy, unconventional mama giving birth to her baby in an inflatable pool in her living room (like all the YouTube videos), but that become their story! Their daughter Ellie was born in May of 2014 in the peacefulness of their home protected by their supportive birth team. All the knowledge that was poured into them was such a precious gift that Rachel decided to become an Informed Beginnings childbirth educator to help other mamas have an empowering birth into motherhood. In 2016 another daughter, Imogene, was born into the Hudson family.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
— Psalm 127:3

Photo credit to: Cling & Peck, Simply by Suzy PhotographyLumikha Studio & Rachel Hudson Photography